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Whether you have opened imaginary door of HB-ART Czech Gallery goal-directly or occasionally, you are welcome!

My big interest in painting and saying of the British Historian and Art Theorist - sir Ernst Gombrich who affirms that: "There is no such thing as Art, there are only Artists", have evoked me an idea to call several my friends - exceptional artists - to cooperate and using modern technique I decided to "built" this gallery.

So, come in and look at the large-scale collection of interesting works created by not less interesting authors who have thrown their own stories, emotions and energy in. It is not needed any long explanations, let the artworks speak by means of their colours and forms.

Good art can appreciate and induce pleasant feeling, but it can also bring a painful
self-knowledge dragging you unexpectedly into your inner self. It can be thought-provoking,raising your inquisitiveness and bringing you new understanding.

It is quite possible that you will find a piece of your life story in some artwork , you will identify with its proposition and sigh to have it. It is enough to fill the order and send it to me. The payment and transport conditions will be cleared during our further negotiation.

I wish Czech Gallery HB-ART to mediate the knowledge extention, new understanding and maybe art loving stimulation to everybody who drops in

People with the same loves are not foreign even they will never have a chance to meet each other.

Sincerely yours,
Hannah Bartíková

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